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Passion & Commitment
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We share all the same hobby. When you find someone who is interested in the same thing that you are that's sharing a common interest, be nice and make our passion even better. Wish for everything, expect nothing and receive positivity.

Hey, if you can not find the right answer to your question about Virtual Cargo International, have any issues on an application or just want to tell us something do contact us, every staff member are able to write/read english and his native language. You can also use our Discord server to send your question if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions
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A first advice we want to give you, read our pages carefully and create your own opinion about us and what we can offer to you. It might also helpful for the application process you have to pass if you know what is written on our website. We strive to offer the best balance between realism and flexibility within a friendly and helpful community. Offering an hours based rank structure along with a range of aircraft to fly on our expansive network of schedules we cater for both casual and serious simmers.

Just a view basic information what we want to say befor you join us

  • Leave the pause button alone and do not refuel your aircraft inflight.
  • I have no time. Then do not fly! Keep your sim rate 1x.
  • Holdings to circumnavigate time rules for stretch and collect flight hours. Just do not do it!
  • We make no difference between B747/B748 or A332/A333, we allow you to substitute.
  • We are all humans, we all do mistakes so please be friendly.

There is no charge to join Virtual Cargo International. You only need to purchase your flight simulator software and joystick or yoke for controlling the aircraft. After that you can purchase addons to help make a more immersive flight sim experience. Our iBase2Go Center works seamlessly across all browsers on PC, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets and even iPods, so where ever you are in the world, all of your data can be accessed from any device which has an internet connection.

Our Virtual Airline provides the best combination of learning and enjoyment. We understand that not all enjoy strict operations and not all enjoy casual operations.

This will answer the most questions

If you have time for a one-hour flight, then pick a one-hour flight. You may pause your simulator within reasonable limits when using our vmsACARS or smartCARS3 system. Our staff will check your PIREP.

If you send a correctly tracked flight, you will timely receive your logged hours after a staff member reviews your flight or if you own a higher rank, your PIREP will automatically processed. Please keep in mind that all PIREPs with a landing rate of more than -650 ft/min will automatically be rejected!

Depends, we provide a large network of flights. Change the routes nearly every 3 months and try to match the schedules of the real-world flights for our provided airline. We also offer charters, tours and much more to give you a bit more freedom to choose your flight.

Transferred hours from another virtual airline could be displayed on your public profile page. Notice though that transferred hours are not taken into account for rank progress. If you are a pilot at Virtual FIN or pther partner airline, you have the privilege that all hours will count toward your rank progress at Virtual Cargo International.

You have 14 days to complete your first flight and send your initial PIREP before your account will be deleted without further notification. After your first flight, you will have to file a PIREP once every 30 days to stay active. After 90 days of inactivity, your account will be deleted.

Virtual Cargo International uses vmsACARS in the first place to track your flight. We also provide smartCARS3(after the software reaches a usable state) developed by TFDi Design to automatically record your flight to make it easy.

You can secure your account from deleting by activating your Leave of Absence, when not able to do a flight within 30 to 90 days. The Leave of Absence is a period when the pilot is to be considered on leave. We have basically shop items to buy those LoA Vouchers.

We want to include as many people as possible in this great hobby, therefore we let you decide to fly online or offline. If you want to fly online though, we will support you to fly on VATSIM. IVAO, Poscon or PilotEdge.

We have created a Discord server, for people that want to get involved with our Virtual Airline and flight simmers. We invite you to join our Discord server, where helpful people are waiting to answer all your questions.

Relax and do not bid and block every flight we have in our schedule and be a nice pilot, every bid will be automatically deleted if your flights are not flown within 24 hours after bidding!
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