Rank Structure

Rank Image min. Hours min. Points
Trainee 0 h 0 pts
Junior First Officer 25 h 100 pts
First Officer 50 h 200 pts
Senior First Officer 100 h 400 pts
Captain 200 h 800 pts
Senior Captain 350 h 1080 pts
Training Captain 470 h 1600 pts
Flight Director 700 h 2200 pts
Rating Instructor 1000 h 2800 pts
Flying Legend 2000 h 5000 pts

You want to fly online?

Virtual Cargo International is a proud partner of the VATSIM Network for simulating operations. We actively encourage members to utilize an online network to enhance their realistic simulation experience. VATSIM helps provide an environment to let our dreams take flight. As an VAA member granted Partner it is important that VATSIM can recognize our flying pilots and see our virtual company active on there network. Being listed as a VA/SOA Partner gives us exposure on accessible database of virtual airlines and essentially information to special operations and events, also includes a VATSIM stamp of approval.

  Important: We got our official partner airline status on August 1st 2018, if you fly on VATSIM please add the following remark.


Point System

Criteria Points Additional Info
Positive Points
Per Hour +1 Point Rounded to 2 decimals.
Per 100nm +1 Point Rounded to 2 decimals.
Per Flight +3 Points Rounded to 2 decimals.
Preparation Time +5 Points Preparation time more than 20 minutes
Flaps correct +1 Point Flaps set for Landing/Take-off
Engines +1 Point Engines off before PIREP is sent
Landing Rate Grading
From To Points Info
-INF -500 -3 Points Very Hard Landing
-499 -300 -2 Points Hard Landing
-299 -200 +2 Points Good Landing
-199 -100 +3 Points Great Landing
-99 0 -2 Points Landing too Soft
Negative Points
Overspeed -2 Points Avoid flying faster than the overspeed limit.
Slew -2 Points Do not use slew mode when flying.
Flaps set -2 Points Flaps not set for Take-off
Flaps set -2 Points Flaps not set for Landing
How are PIREPs Scored?
If Points < -10 Points   Rejected
If Points > -10 Points   Approved